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Heritage in Art

The majority of our art comes from Navajo and Zuni artists around the Southwestern United States.  Just like the artistic heritage of all cultures, there is significant meaning behind these pieces.  Here you can learn a bit more about some of the art pieces that we offer and the meanings behind them. 

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horse hair pottery

Another significant style of pottery is the Navajo Wedding Vase.  This style can be horsehair or not, and carries a deeper meaning.  The Vase is given to newlyweds to signify their new bond as a couple.  The two individual spouts represent the individuals, and the connecting bridge at the top signifies their new bond in marriage.

Horsehair Pottery

All of our pottery is handcrafted by indigenous artists with precision and care.  One of the most popular styles of pottery is Horsehair Pottery.  This style is unique because of its use of actual horsehair when making it.  While the pieces are being fired and hardened, pieces of horse hair are laid out in random patterns across the entire piece.  The heat burns the hair leaving an overall pattern across the piece.  This creates the underlying pattern.  Intricate carved patterns and colors are added later.

Navajo wedding vase, horsehair pottery

Long Hair Kachinas 

These Navajo made Kachinas are masked and costumed dancers; representing various natural and spiritual aspects of life. They are messengers who bestow blessings and nurture life.

Image of Navajo Long Hair Kachinas and Dancer Kachina
Zuni fetishes

Zuni Fetishes

Hand carved by Zuni artisans, each Zuni fetish is a work of art. A fetish is an object imbued with spiritual powers. Each animal or figure has a particular meaning and qualities that will manifest in the life of the person who receives that carving. The Zuni create native North American animals, wildlife from around the world, and even imaginary creations.

Some of the most powerful animal fetishes are the bear, the eagle, the mountain lion, and the badger.

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