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Banded Onyx Horse by Abby Quam, Zuni


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Banded Onyx Horse by Zuni carvers "Abby Quam and Clayton Panteah". The horse is approximately 2" long, 1" tall and 1/2" wide with inlaid turquoise eyes and heart line. Signed ("CAP").  Abby Quam is an accomplished Zuni Fetish carver with a destinctive style, who makes traditional carvings of horses, wolves, fox, bears, and other animals. Abby is married to well known Zuni Pueblo jeweler, Clayton Panteah. 

 Horses represent journey and is one of only two fetishes that have innate healing powers along with the Raven.  The horse has the possession of healing powers, speed and strength.  The Lakota warriors song to his horse promised a reward of streamers and red ribbons for success in combat.

To Native Americans of the Southwest a fetish is an object in which a spirit dwells.  If treated with proper respect and reverence, the spirit will provide the owner of the fetish with assistance in the form of supernatural power.  Fetish use goes back to prehistoric times.  Among the Zuni there is a legend which tells of a time when all animals were turned to stone by certain gods. (Excerpt from "Southwest Indian Art and Crafts" by Mark Bahti.)


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